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Shawn Mendes, Liza Koshy & More URGE Fans to VOTE

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Liza Koshy, Taylor Swift, Tyler Oakley, Shawn Mendes – just a few of my favorite people from YouTube, the interwebz and far beyond that are using their voices and doing everything they can to get us all out to vote!
Today is a HUGE day people – the midterm elections are finally upon us and thanks to power of Taylor Swift, we’re hoping the youth vote is more powerful than ever. In case you missed the memo, T-Swift got political for the first time ever a few weeks ago – speaking out about her own beliefs and also encouraging her fans to register to vote. NBD (no big deal) – but 55-thousand people registered to vote following her outcry…we can’t say 100% that the registrations were thanks to her, but I mean, come on guys this is not what I’d call a coincidence.
And, well, Tay is back at it once again – she posted this message to her fans on her IG STORY today:
Thank you Taylor – and she’s not alone, other megastars like Lin Manuel Miranda and Chrissy Teigen have gone above and beyond to get people out to the polls. – Chrissie posted this “ please don’t NOT vote because it’s “too confusing” – I DEF KNOW IT CAN BE DAUNTING BUT YOU GOT THIS!! I promise you will be so proud.”
I love that message – and I totally get it – it can be overwhelming but it’s totally doable.
Liza Koshy even used her Halloween costume to inspire people to vote – seriously this is so funny, but like also, so cool. Liza is hosting a big election party tonight on MTV so be sure to join in on that action.
And just in time for the midterms today – Shawn Mendes and Khalid dropped their music video for Youth. It was released exclusively through Apple music and it takes a stance on gun violence and the power we as young people have to make a chance in this world. Because Shawn and Khalid really wanted to share the message of this video with the world, they also released it on YouTutbe hours ago.
This video is so powerful and the message is all about the fact that, yes, we are young but no one can take our power away. If you’re feeling hopeless – just know that your voice matters. If you’re watching this video and you’re a US citizen there’s still time – so get out there and vote. This is a map that shows you which states you register to vote in EVEN today – don’t wait! Big thank yous to all the celebs out there that are using their voices to inspire change and positivity in this world. You guys hit the comments section and let us know if you voted! Thanks so much for watching – I’m your girl Joslyn Davis – click here to watch another video and be sure to subscribe. See you later!

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