Rachel Riley Twitter: Countdown star TEASES contestant in awkward exchange 'Nice one'

Rachel Riley Twitter: Countdown star TEASES contestant in awkward exchange 'Nice one'

The 32-year-old Channel 4 favourite was contacted by primary school teacher Mohsin Shabir when he tagged her in a message to Countdown’s Susie Dent and host Nick Hewer.

“My episode being shown live at school,” he said, sharing a snap of what looked to be an empty assembly hall with his appearance on the gameshow being projected onto the screen.

Rachel Riley retweeted his post, teasing lightheartedly: “Few empty seats there, I hope it’s not just you watching it,” along with a laughing emoji.

Luckily, Mohsin was quick to insist that the turnout for the viewing had in fact been huge, replying: “About 500 people!”

Clearly glad that he had the support of his students, the blonde beauty responded once more, saying: “Nice one, good luck.”

The Countdown hopefully didn’t seem to have taken offence at her previous comment, quipping about his performance on the show.

“That was a close episode! Thank god for the ‘bottom row’,” he wrote.

Mohsin also added a picture taken from a different angle in the hall, showing the rows of seats packed with people who had attended to watch the screening of his episode of Countdown.

She was soon inundated with replies from fans, with one asking: “Why do you stay on Twtter with all the c**p that you get?

“It must be so tiring and frustrating. I don’t know how you filter it and stay level-headed.”

Seeming unfazed, Rachel replied: “The good people outweighs the bad, thankfully!”

“Please stop arguing with idiots,” another wrote, to which she responded: “Yep, top advice, I broke my number one rule!”


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