Loose Women star reveals awkward run-in with producers amid offensive comment LIVE on air

Loose Women star reveals awkward run-in with producers amid offensive comment LIVE on air

Nadia Sawalha, who has starred on ITV chat show Loose Women since its first episode, admitted that she made a comment about the disorder, which affects approximately 741,504 people in the UK, during a live episode, and was approached by bosses after the show and told not to address a topic that could cause offence to viewers again.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she said: “The thing is these days you have to be so unbelievably careful.

“In my friendship group we would say something like, ‘Oh my God, I need an OCD friend to clean up my kitchen,’ and I said that and I was told off for it because obviously people with OCD, it’s no light matter.”

The former EastEnders star admitted that she was approached by producers after the remark who told her, “You can’t say that because people find it offensive,” and noted that if she would’ve informed her team that she was going to speak about the disorder in the pre-show meeting, she would’ve been told not to.

She commented: “It’s not all planned, you just discuss topics that you might talk about and you say kind of where you’re coming from, but when you’re out there you’re just talking as you would.

“They know roughly what you’re going to say so in the moment when you’re like, ‘Oh I wish I had an OCD friend,’ if I’d have said that in the pre-meeting they would’ve said you can’t say OCD.”

Nadia revealed that since the encounter, she is cautious about what she says on Loose Women to prevent getting into further trouble, but refuses to change her opinion to please others.

She added: “You have to be really careful about doing accents because people get really sensitive about it, if I suddenly want to start talking [in a Greek accent] I’m not allowed to because people will get offended.”

The former Celebrity Big Brother star also admitted that due to her and her co-panellists discussing controversial topics on the show each day, it has stopped her from looking at her social media to avoid seeing negative comments about her choice of words.

“I’ve got this rule that I never look on Twitter or the Mail Online or anything on the day that I do a show because although there can be good stuff written, there’s bad stuff written as well. I try to be quite unedited on Loose Women,” she divulged.

The brunette also claimed that she thinks she’s like “marmite” when it comes to being liked by the audience, but insisted she wouldn’t change her views to please them.

She added: “I don’t just say what I think the audience are going to like, I try to be me and I know I p*** off a lot of the audience and I’m irritating or whatever.

“I’m sure I’m quite marmite, so if you keep reading stuff that’s saying anything negative or keep reading stuff that’s positive, you can lose your way with being yourself.”

Meanwhile, Nadia Sawalha confessed to once making an I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! producer fall asleep  when she auditioned for the ITV show.

The TV star admitted that she met the producers of the show fronted by Ant and Dec, but wasn’t given the job after her “good stories” failed to impress the show’s team.

She spilled: “I met the producers and I thought I’d go in there and tell them all my best stories and we will have a jolly jape and it will be good.

“So I’m sitting there telling them what I think are good stories, suddenly I hear this snoring noise and I turn round and one of the producers was fast asleep.

“They had actually fallen asleep! Needless to say, I didn’t get offered the job,” she added.

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Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.


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