Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Morgan HITS BACK at ITV bosses who ‘sacked’ her

Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Morgan HITS BACK at ITV bosses who ‘sacked’ her

The Page Three model has denied claims that she had spilled the Coronation Street‘s stripper storyline, after Beth was reportedly dropped from the soap for “leaking the storyline” on Twitter.

In an exclusive interview with, the 22-year-old revealed: “I was a bit annoyed really because obviously they said I leaked the storyline over this picture.

“But I’ve done my research and the storyline was actually already out three weeks before I put that picture on.”

Recalling when she discovered she had supposedly been accused of leaking the plot, Beth said: “My agent went mad at me and I said, ‘Listen no, it’s not true.’

“I’ve not leaked the storyline.”

The Manchester-based star added: “I’ve always put pictures of me in my outfit, whatever I’m wearing. 

“I’ve always done it and they’ve never said nothing. It’s just this time someone’s grassed me in.”

Beth also revealed that she had regularly appeared as an extra in Coronation Street for five years, adding: “They always had me back.”

She continued: “I was going like once a week.”

It comes just weeks after a source told that the glamour model had been “sacked” from the long-running show.

The insider said: “She’s just been sacked from Coronation Street. There’s been a bit of a big uproar about it.

“They’ve accused her of leaking the storyline when she put a picture of herself saying she was at Corrie filming.”

They continued: “They’ve accused her of leaking the stripping storyline so they’ve sacked her for it.”

“She’s a full-time extra for them, she’s done it for years.

Meanwhile, a source at ITV told “No such specific conversation has been had about whether we will or won’t use her again, but it has been made clear to her and her agent that the photographs she took and posted online should not have happened.”

Beth, who is no stranger to flaunting her ample assets on Instagram, is thought to be playing the role of a lap dancer on the ITV soap later this month.

It is believed that she will appear alongside Bethany Platt (portrayed by Lucy Fallon), who is currently working in a gentleman’s club as part of a controversial storyline. contacted a representative for Coronation Street, who did not provide a comment.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV. 


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