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Cardi B made time to clap back at the haters even during the Billboard Music Awards!

What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we have to talk about Cardi B’s viral moment last night. And it wasn’t for her six wins or adorable shout out to her daughter Kulture,

During the BBMAs, a photo of Cardi and her husband, Offset, holding her leg up on the red carpet went viral after fans pointed out that she may have been showing off a little more than she thought.

Yikes, so did Cardi’s lady parts make a special guest appearance?

Technically no, but Cardi chimed in with a now deleted Instagram video to clear up any misconceptions.

And let’s just say, this video is not safe for work. So position your computer or phone accordingly.

Cardi posed in her birthday suit and gave her “anatomy lesson” explaining to her 44 million Instagram followers that the photo was actually showing the bottom of her booty.

She started off the video

“Y’all motherf— going around with this showing this f—ing picture photoshopping it even more like, ‘Oh Cardi p—, Cardi p—. First of all, that ain’t my p—. My p— right here.”

And she really did precede to show us exactly where all her various anatomical parts are. So now we know, thank you Cardi.

But that wasn’t all. Did we mention this video is not safe for work? Consider yourself warned.

Ok so, she got a little too graphic. But we do have to take a moment to mention her body is banging.

She ended her lesson with a classic Cardi B clap back referencing her previous career as a stripper.

She told her fans that if they wanted to see her “you know” they should’ve gone to see her when, she was stripper and was promoting herself back, but now it’s “too bad.”

At one point Offset makes a quick cameo before realizing he didn’t want any part of what was happening in that video.

And fans were so here for Offset hilariously dipping out of the shot.

Despite the fiasco, Cardi did take home several awards at the BBMAs last night.

She won for her single “I Like It” and her feature on the Maroon 5 song “Girls Like You.”

It’s definitely safe to say it was a hell of a night for our girl Cardi.

Alright guys, it’s time to hear from you! Do you think we saw Cardi’s lady parts? How snatched do you think her body looked?

Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below and hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @EmileEnnisJr. After that click right over here to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell to get notified whenever we post. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Reading the comments noticed people are dragging her for what??! She’s still winning and you wasted 2:26mins of your life

  2. hat’s what happens when they provoke her … that’s how simple she is, I love her that’s why Okurrrrrrrrrrrr

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