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7 Most PROBLEMATIC Celeb Halloween Costumes

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We’re breaking down the most PROBLEMATIC celebrity Halloween costumes from recent years, so you can avoid making the same mistake…

Consider this a crash course in what NOT to wear when it comes to Halloween.

The celebs on this list didn’t INTEND on being offensive with their costumes, but that’s still no excuse for bad choices or poor taste. And while all of these celebs have since apologized for their problematic costumes of Halloweens past, we’re gonna use their mistakes as a reminder that there are some people, cultures, and events that are just NOT okay to make a costume out of for Halloween — because apparently it’s not as obvious as most of us would think.

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5 thoughts on “7 Most PROBLEMATIC Celeb Halloween Costumes

  1. I am Japanese I don’t care if you dress like Tia did like she wasn’t making fun of us or using any slurs so I don’t really care.

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